domingo, 14 de setembro de 2008

The Night - Corrigido.

The Night!
The night is beautiful. Moonlight. Star’s light.
The rocks illuminated. Under nature illuminated.
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
There are beautiful birds. The water is crystalline, transparent.
The water is limpid, with good fluids.
The air and water of steam with fluids saturated.
Fluids with nature’s medicine.
Without human intervention.
The night has a lot surprises.
Its color, songs, lives, animals, spirits.
Why the Human Species hate the night?
Because is black?!
I think not. So why?
Without answers.
I love the night! Many surprises can happen.
Naturally we are sleeping.
If we defeat our fears? Wouldn't it be a lot cowardice if we don't confront?
Why do we have a lot of fear?